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Иван Дорн, Seven Davis Jr. - Numbers

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  • Дата релиза: 23 апрель 2020
Текст песни

One, then you better run
Cuz someone else will take your place
Two, better get prepared!
You're not thefirst, though you almost there

Number number
Three's happy just to be in the winning place
Cuz, in this case, he's not number
Four is drinking at the bar
He is having fun and just doesn't care

One has the biggest gun
That's how he keeps his place
He's no punk, so don't you come
Two is not just second place
He wants some more — to win the race

Number number
Three is dreaming already
About the price, he could not win
But his not number
Four is dancing on the club
He's just don't care, he's having fun

One's been around the block
He had to fight so many times
Two rolling up the bet
Still, he's trying to win the price

Before number
Three catches up the speed
He takes a lead so possibly
Don't sleep on a number
Four could come back again
He's fucking girls and just doesn't care

You could be number five
Watching staying aside
Winners gonna say: "You should try"
But you choose what is wrong? What is right?

Раз это знатный раз — выбежал на знак первый
Два, типа он устал, хотя тупо опоздал на старт
Три, где-то позади! Он бежит один бледный
Четыре было! Было-было — слилось
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